• Metaflex Coupling

    Metaflex Coupling

    Metaflex coupling specially designed for Petrochemical Industry
    Special shape of Discs to ensure Pure Tensile load
    Higher Flexibility with better Torque Ratings
    Unitised Disc Packs
    Drop Down Central Spacer Assembly with piloted Flanges
    Larger Bore Capacities
    Can be furnished to API 610 / API 671 requirements

  • Series 80 – This is the basic standard design. The central spacer is drop down type. Whole spacer assembly is spigotted on the end hubs to ensure concentricity and excellent dynamic balance. For a given OD the hubs have comparatively large bore capacity resulting in selection of coupling which is compact and has high Power/Weight ratio .Spacer Assembly/disc packs can be replaced without having to shift either driving or driven equipment.

Series 80SPL – This is a simple variation of basic Series 80 design with large hub at one end. This is especially suitable for Motor driven pumps where Motor shaft dia is much larger than pump shaft dia. Coupling OD/Weight/Inertia and costs are minimum in this style for a given drive.

Series 80SP – This style is also a simple variation of Series 80 with large hub at both ends and is suitable for applications where both driving and driven shaft diameters are comparatively large.

Series 80L – this Design is suitable when driving and driven shaft dia are considerably smaller than max bore capacity of Series 80 standard coupling. For such cases this design gives light- weight and inertia. The design can be supplied with comparatively small spacer length. Permissible maximum speed is somewhat lower than standard series 80 coupling – but adequate for most applications.

Series 80 CC– The design permits very small distance between shaft ends. The design is ideal for applications where non-spacer Gear couplings are to be replaced by Metaflex Couplings.This design has twin disc packs permitting misalignment in all directions.Either driving or driven equipment is to be shifted for removal of disc packs.

Series 80 CCS – This is also a close coupled design. The spacer is of split design.Split spacer permits removal/fitment of disc packs without having to shift connected equipment. This design has also twin disc packs permitting misalignment in all directions.