LOGO_KTRKTR Couplings are able to give the best solution to any problems in power transmission equipment with the most cost effective solution. KTR do not only deliver standard couplings or solutions. To meet your required technical specification, KTR can design a new coupling by modifying stock parts or produce prototypes for bespoke situations. With over 40 years of experience we believe we can produce a solution to any situation.


 Torsionally flexible jaw-type coupling
 Axial plug-in, good dynamical features
 Failsafe, vibration reducing
 Max. torque: 70,000 Nm
 Max. bore diameter: 200 mm


 Backlash-free jaw-type coupling, axial plug-in
 Vibration reducing
 Failsafe, maintenance free
 Torque: 0.15 Nm – 1465 Nm
 Bore diameter: 2 mm – 95 mm

BoWex ®

 Curved-tooth gear coupling
 Torsionally stiff, double cardanic
 Material combination: nylon / steel
 Torque : 5 Nm – 2500 Nm
 Finish bores : Ø 6 mm – Ø 125 mm

BoWex ® Elastic

 High elastic flange coupling
 Use in mobile hydraulics
 Available up to engine power of 500 KW
 Flange dimensions according to SAE – J620
 Available in hardnesses of 40, 50 a. 65 Shore A

BoWex ® FLE-PA

 Torsionally rigid flange coupling
 Application: hydrostatic mobile hydraulics
 Available up to an engine power of 500 kW
 Flange dimensions according to SAE – J620
 Nominal sizes from 6 ½” to 18″


 One-part, elastic flange coupling
 Use between diesel engine / hydraulic pump
 Size 28 and 32 with 3-hole flange fixing
 Size 50 with connection according to SAE 6 1/2
 Available in different elastomer hardnesses


 Steel laminae coupling
 Torsionally stiff – backlash/maintenance-free
 Laminae made from stainless steel
 Shaft distance dimensions up to 5m
 Torque: 15 Nm – 50000 Nm


 Backlash-free torque transmission
 Increased torsional stiffness
 Low mass moment of inertia (aluminium parts)
 Stainless steel discs (flexible in bending)
 single or double cardanic design available


 Metal bellow-type
 bellow made from stainless steel
 Backlash-free, torsionally stiff, maintenance-free
 Coupling for servo and linear drives, positioning systems
 indexing tables, planet gears


 torsionally rigid and free from backlash
 positive power transmission
 negligible restoring forces in cases of spatial displacement
 balanced, synchronous operation, no maintenance, no wear
 Max. torque: 400.000 Nm


 Steel lamina coupling
 Series for pump drives
 Coupling in accordance with API 610, API 671 optionally
 backlash-free – torsionally stiff – maintenance-free
 Torques: 450 Nm – 13.000 Nm


 torsionally flexible jaw-type coupling acc. to DIN 740
 axial plug-in – maintenance-free
 failsafe, vibration-reducing
 max. torque = 6127 Nm
 max. bore diameter of up to 100 mm


 torsionally flexible shaft coupling
 axial plug-in – maintenance-free
 not failsafe
 max. torque = 65.000 Nm


 Permanent magnet coupling
 Hermetic separation of the driving and driven side
 Resistent to agressive media
 Torque: 3 Nm – 80 Nm
 Bore diameter: up to 50 mm


 Plastic-laminae coupling
 Backlash/maintenance – free
 Torsionally stiff and soft in bending
 Laminae package can be assembled radially
 Electrically conducting laminae material


 Torsionally flexible pin & bush coupling
 Radial assembly of driving and driven side
 Torque: 5000 Nm – 215.000 Nm
 Max. bore diameter: 370 mm

SYNTEX ® with pulley

 safety clutch with integrated pulley
 on request with torque adjustment
 reduction of components and cost
 linear drives
 printing machines

SYNTEX ® with shaft coupling ROTEX ® GS

 Safety clutch with shaft to shaft connection
 Combination with backlash-free ROTEX S
 Torsionally flexible and displaceable
 Different elastomers available
 Axle drives for machine tools
 Geared motors
 Wood working machines
 Linear drives