The right choice of anti vibration mountings starts with choosing the right company. There should be a large selection of Polybonddifferent types & sizes to chose from, no matter what the application. Knowledgeable personnel should always be available to select & design the right mounts. Lastly, after selection is made, delivery should be expidious & consistent. This Article will introduce you to Polybond Anti Vibration Mount. We know that one product style cannot satisfy you, that’s why Polybond offers so many different styles & sizes of mounts.

How to select the correct mount?
Isolation Table
A quick & simple way to select the correct mount is
given below:
1. Divide total weight of equipment by number of
mounting points. Resulting figure will indicate
load per mounting
2. Determine lowest disturbing frequency (i.e. The
lowest rpm of equipment which causes vibration)
3. From the ‘Isolation Table’ shown alongside, find
out the required deflection for your desired
isolation level (we recommend 80%)
4. With this data of ‘Load per mount’ and required
deflection, select suitable mount from this