Sure Flex Coupling

Sure Flex Coupling

Sure Flex coupling can be installed quickly and easily, because there are no bolts, gaskets, covers or seals. Alignment can be checked with a straightedge placed across the outside of the precision-machined flanges. No special tools are needed for installation, alignment or removal.


Sure-Flex coupling sleeves have an exceptional ability to absorb torsional shock and dampen torsional vibrations. The EPDM and Neoprene sleeves wind-up approximately 15° torsionally at their rated torque. Hytrel sleeves will wind-up about 7°.


The unique design of the Sure-Flex coupling’s teeth allows for the absorption of angular misalignment without wear. Refer to page F1—18 for actual allowable misalignment limits. These limits allow for the alignment of the coupling using only a scale and calipers.


Parallel misalignment is absorbed without wear or appreciable energy losses. The lateral flexibility of the coupling sleeve minimizes radial bearing loads normally associated with parallel misalignment. This feature also allows for easier installation by the use of components bored for slip fits without fretting corrosion occurring at the shaft. Refer to page F1—18 for parallel misalignment limits. Only a straight-edge and feeler gage are required to obtain these limits.


Sure-Flex couplings may be used in applications with limited axial shaft movements. The axial compressibility of the EPDM and Neoprene sleeves allows for shaft endfloat without the absolute transfer of thrust loads.