We provide a wide variety of industrial Filter, we also manufacture products as per our customers requirements.

Replacement Filters for Heavy Duty Air Filter for Earth Moving Machines – Dozers, Dumpers, Payloaders, Tarex, Cummins, Kamatsu, Caterpillar, Drilling Machines, Compressors, Excavators, Motor Grader, Scrapers, Diesel Engines.

Replacement filters for Under Ground Mining Machines, Long Wall Face, Shearer Feed Line, Power Pack, BG Panel, H.M. Payloader, Emico Secoma’s, Jumbo Drill, CTH – 17, Road Headers, Alpine Minor – 50, Emico Elecon , L.H.D. , SDL 625D, Dosco LH – 100 Road Header.

Industrial filter

Industrial Filter

  • Replacement Filters for Compressors and Rotary Compressors, Air / Oil Separator / Air Intake Elements / Oil Filter cartridges, Compressor Air Pipe Line Filters (for elimination of Oil / Moisture and Scales), paint Spaying, Vacuum Operated Brake Systems, Chemical plants, Pneumatic Tools, Cigarette packing, Yarn drying, Air Operated Switch Gear, Vacuum Gear, Drilling Equipments Instrumentation for the elimination of Oil / Moisture / Scales and Abrasive Particles.

Complete range of Intank Suction Strainer Elements, capacity 5 – 100 GPM, Line Connection – 3/8″ B.S.P. – 4″ B.S.P. size for Injection Moulding Machines. Standard models have nominal filtration rating of 75 to 125 micron.

On Line Filters – Simplex, Duplex, Self Cleaning Filters, Busket Type / Y Type and all types of Strainers available for all sizes of pipe line. Applicable in Combustion Systems, Oil Refineries, Chemical & Gas Processing Systems, Oil – Water Line and other on line applications.

Complete range of Air, Oil, Fuel & Lubrication Filters for Electric & Diesel Locomotives works.

Product List:

  • Air Filter
  • Panel Type Air Filter
  • Oil & Lube Filter
  • Suction Strainer
  • Hydraulic Filter
  • Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Air/Oil Separator