Since entering the power transmission marketplace in the 1920s, Lovejoy has emerged as an international market leader. Today, the Lovejoy couplings brand is recognized around the world as the premier supplier of flexible shaft couplings and other power transmission components. Lovejoy coupling

Lovejoy couplings are known for their premium build qaulity and high durability.

Jaw Coupling

Jaw Coupling

Lovejoy Jaw Couplings (L/SW/RRS)

With its unique wrap around Nitrile rubber connecting element, the Snap Wrap coupling eliminates the need for dismantling the connected equipment while inspecting or replacing the element – a major benefit when down-time on machinery can run into huge amounts.
Combined with a range of prebored hubs, a modular hub design and a spacer option, the Snap Wrap coupling is unsurpassed for quality, flexibility, speed of installation and maintenance.

Tyre coupling

Tyre Coupling

Lovejoy Tyre-Flex Coupling

The flexible capabilities of the Tyreflex Coupling help to accommodate angular, parallel and axial misalignments. Parallel Misalignment upto 6 mm. 0 Angular Misalignment upto 4. End Float upto 8 mm. 0 Suitable in ambient temp. upto 70 C.


Disc Coupling

Disc Coupling

Lovejoy Disc-O-Flex Coupling

Rathi Disc Coupling couplings are fully metallic couplings, consisting of two adapters, one centre spacer member, two sets of stainless steel flexible membranes bolted together with high tensile bolts. Replacement of flexible membranes is easy, simple and is possible without disturbing drive or driven equipment.