Disc Coupling

Disc Coupling

Rathi Disc Coupling couplings are fully metallic couplings, consisting of two adapters, one centre spacer member, two sets of stainless steel flexible membranes bolted together with high tensile bolts. Replacement of flexible membranes is easy, simple and is possible without disturbing drive or driven equipment.


  • High power – to – weight ratio.
    No wearing parts, no lubrication required.
    Easy installation with ‘Drop Out’ spacer.
    Accommodates angular, parallel and axial misalignments.
    Non stainless steel parts coated with a durable anticorrossive coating.
    High temperature application.
    Replaceable flexible membranes.
    Visual inspection possible without disassembling equipment.
    Inherently balanced.
    High torsional rigidity with low axial stiffness.
    Special options including spacer lengths, modified adapters, special materials are available.
    Floating shaft / cooling tower coupling available.
    Backlash free.
    High speed capacity.
    Dynamic balancing to customer specifications.
    Machined to high precision standards.
    Lightweight coupling.

Rathi Disc-O-Flex couplings are available in three types LM, EM and AM series.


  • Normal duty coupling.
    Suitable for general industrial applications.


  • High performance coupling.
    Specially suitable for petrochemical & fertilizer industries.
    Can be supplied in compliance with API-610.
    Coupling with antifly spacer.


  • Same in construction as that of type EM.
    Compliance with API-671 specification.
    Coupling with antifly spacer.